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Together, we will win a New Wales

Wales needs new hope and hope needs a champion. 

A champion determined to ignite the imagination of our people. A champion with a vision to rebuild our collective confidence that a different and better Wales is within our grasp. In this time of global uncertainty, Plaid Cymru must present that hopeful vision without delay and seek to govern in 2021 in order to radically transform lives.

For too long, we have allowed external influences to shape Wales instead of taking the helm ourselves. This cannot be allowed to continue. At this time of turmoil in Europe, a nation without steer is a nation adrift at the mercy of the storm. So now is the time for Plaid Cymru to put forward its bold plan for independence. A plan for Wales to chart its own course in the world.

I am the person with that plan. A plan to transform our people's lives from poverty to prosperity. From subservience to self-confidence. A plan for a dynamic, outward looking Wales ready to take its rightful place on the international stage for the good of our people. And that work must begin right now. To wait any longer would be a dereliction of our duty.

It is with a sense of urgency, therefore, that I seek your mandate to lead Plaid Cymru. The status quo is not an option, and neither is playing it safe. I ask for your support. Your support to transform our party. Your support to lead us into Government. Your support to unleash the great potential of our nation.

Together, we will win a new Wales.

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    Adam Price has announced his latest policy proposals in his campaign to lead Plaid Cymru where he sets out a series of ideas - which could be put in place alongside his Seven Steps to Independence - to strengthen the rights of everyone to the Welsh language, ensure a future for Welsh-speaking communities, and ensure that our future planning, economic and digital policies work for the benefit of the language.
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    Step one in my Seven Steps to Independence is to elect a pro-independence party in 2021. To do this, we have to transform our party into an election-winning machine. 
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