Plaid Cymru MS Adam Price has described the news that Debenhams are set to close all their 124 UK stores as 'devastating news for Carmarthen.'


Adam Price said: 


This news underlines the dangers facing our high streets, as many businesses struggle to survive through the Covid-19 crisis and the public health measures which limit capacity and demand. The prospect of losing an anchor store like Debenhams is a major blow to any town, but the closure of the Carmarthen store would be felt doubly hard as it occupies a central position on St Catherine’s Walk. Its closure would leave a huge hole to fill in the town centre, as it is one of the largest shops in that area of town.

This announcement will be particularly devastating for the staff, who must be supported by Debenhams at a time when our local economy can ill-afford further economic uncertainty. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the closure of retail stores for prolonged periods has undoubtedly contributed to this announcement. Now more than ever, our town centres need urgent and targeted government support to help our Local Authorities regenerate town centres post-Covid.


Without practical solutions and an acknowledgment from government of the severity of the situation, then the outlook for our high streets will remain very bleak.”

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