Adam outlines his vision for the Welsh language

Adam Price has announced his latest policy proposals in his campaign to lead Plaid Cymru where he sets out a series of ideas - which could be put in place alongside his Seven Steps to Independence - to strengthen the rights of everyone to the Welsh language, ensure a future for Welsh-speaking communities, and ensure that our future planning, economic and digital policies work for the benefit of the language.

Mr Price, who is the only candidate for Plaid Cymru leader to produce a policy paper on the language, said his vision is "to create a New Wales which incorporates the Welsh language as an integral part of it, and where every citizen can connect with the language regardless of their personal background."

Adam Price outlines a range of ideas, including:

  • Ensuring main public office holders are able to communicate with citizens in Wales' two languages;

  • Strengthening Welsh-medium education, ensuring every citizen's right to their fluency in Welsh, and establish the first Welsh medium further education college in the south east;

  • Intelligent linguistic planning for the Welsh language in communities and use the planning system as a resource that works in favour of the language;

  • A purposeful programme in government to strengthen the language skills of the public service workforce, foster positive leadership towards the Welsh language and increase the use of the language;

  • Creating an Arfor Development Agency in the west, modelled on the old Rural Development Board for Wales, but with dual emphasis on language and economic development;

  • Putting the Welsh language central to new technologies and digital innovation, with the possibility of creating an exemplary Welsh community in rural Wales for the development of new technologies and automation;

  • Developmental work focusing on the types of linguistic commitments that an independent Wales could guarantee our citizens in a written constitution.

Adam Price was brought up in an English-speaking home and learned Welsh at 13.  He said at the launch of this leadership campaign that he considers his relationship with the language to be an integral part of his relationship with Wales and his journey to the national movement.

On publishing his proposals, he said:

"My vision is to create a New Wales which incorporates the Welsh language as an integral part of it, and where every citizen can connect with the language regardless of their personal background.

"By putting in place a programme of imaginative and substantive language policies for every step of the journey towards independence – and afterwards – we can ensure that the Welsh language underpins the New Wales that we want to create.

"The Welsh language is also one of our most valuable strengths in relation to Wales's cultural identity and it is not a hindrance in any way to develop the political and constitutional identity of Wales.  The policies of our government should reflect that reality and celebrate it."

At the beginning of the policy paper Councillor Cefin Campbell, a linguistic planning expert, outlines some of Adam's work on behalf of the language, including what he has achieved in collaboration with others in the national movement since his election to the National Assembly.

Cllr Campbell specifically refers to Mr Price's leadership as the National Assembly's Official Languages Commissioner and the way in which he has led innovation in that role by making a basic level of Welsh language skills essential for all new posts in our National Parliament, and working constructively to alleviate concerns. 

Cllr Cefin Campbell said:

"Adam's record shows that it shouldn't be necessary to compromise principles when gaining political power.  That is a particularly important stance in terms of the Welsh language.

"Adam said at the start of his campaign that leadership is a platform that can be used for collective success, and it is particularly encouraging to see him bring forward some of the ideas he would want to put in place to support the Welsh language if elected as leader.

"I am confident that as the party's leader, and as First Minister of a Plaid Cymru Government, Adam would use that platform to deliver a New Wales, incorporating the Welsh language, in collaboration with the people of Wales."


Click here to read Adam's proposals

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