Seven steps to independence – Adam Price

Here is my proposal. Every plan needs to be refined and developed further but here is an outline of seven key steps to securing independence for Wales by the end of the next decade.

Wales needs a plan.

A plan that sets out a clear and credible path to independence.

The process of nation-building that will lead to independence has to start now

without delay.

Semi-policies and soundbites will not get us there.

Welsh politics can be seen as a battlefield between those with old ideas, new ideas and no ideas.

Welsh independence is the biggest, most transformational, most radical idea of

them all.

Anyone who seeks to lead our party needs to set out a credible plan as to how we achieve it.

Here is my proposal. Every plan needs to be refined and developed further but here is an outline of seven key steps to securing independence for Wales by the end of the next decade.

1: Elect a pro-independence government for Wales in 2021.

Plaid Cymru needs to be in government in 2021.  It is only Plaid Cymru who can do the necessary nation-building to secure independence.

2: Pass a Wales 2030 Referendum Act.

We need a nation-wide debate on our future.  By the end of the next decade, we will give the people of Wales a vote on self-determination.

3: Set up a National Commission as part of the 2030 Process. 

Creating the new Wales is the work of the entire nation. The National Commission will oversee the 2030 Process and give Welsh citizens a say in what an independent Wales will look like.

4: Be bold, radical, and visionary.

We must act as if we are already independent.  All we do must make Wales a healthier, fairer, more prosperous place to live. In 2026, we must win re-election.

5: Reduce the gap between our income and our spending.

We must show that we’re not too small for independence. By 2030, our fiscal gap can be sustainable and we’ll have proved that Wales is not too small to stand on her own two feet.

6: Grow Wales’ economy.

We need to improve Wales’ economic performance.  This will improve the lives of the people of Wales and make our independence an attractive and realistic option.

7: Build a new Welsh media. 

Our nation needs a thriving media. A strong and diverse Welsh media is crucial to the national debate on our future.


Our defining purpose should be independence for Wales – sooner rather than later.  Independence is the reason I joined Plaid Cymru and the reason I have remained a member for 36 years. I have always been consistent that we should make it our express purpose to achieve an independent Wales, and sooner not later.

In 1993, as a 23 year old Director of Policy, I drafted the constitution of an independent Wales – which the party duly adopted. Wandering the streets that Sunday the hoardings of Cardiff newsagents carried a three word poster from the Wales on Sunday: “Wales a Republic”.

Twenty five years later I’ve never wavered from that dream, but it’s surely time now to turn all our declarations of intent to a much more durable declaration: independence itself.

You can read my some more detailed work on this plan here:



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  • Meirion Rees
    commented 2018-09-30 14:20:27 +0100
    I do not disagree with the above but the real question is about getting traction with everybody across Cymru and winning their hearts and minds. Unlike Scotland we are very poorly served regards nation wide, well supported, media channels and a huge number of Cymro rely on the English / Westminster centric media channels originating in London, where anything Welsh gets minimum attention.