Na i Beilonau Dyffryn Tywi - No to Dyffryn Tywi Pylons

Na i Beilonau Dyffryn Tywi - No to Dyffryn Tywi Pylons!

Rwy’n siŵr eich bod yn ymwybodol erbyn hyn o’r cynlluniau gan Bute Energy i sefydlu coridor o beilonau a gwifrau trydan yn cysylltu fferm wynt yn y Canolbarth i’r Grid Cenedlaethol, a hynny drwy Ddyffryn Tywi.

Mae’r cynnig hwn wedi creu cryn dipyn o ofid yn yr ardal leol, oherwydd ei effaith gweledol ar y dyffryn, sydd yn enwog am ei harddwch a’i dirwedd brydferth.

Tra ein bod yn llawn sylweddoli’r angen am fwy o ynni adnewyddadwy, rydym o’r farn bod modd cludo’r ynni yma drwy wifrau o dan y ddaear, a fyddai’n sicrhau ffynhonnell newydd o egni gwyrdd tra hefyd yn parchu’r gymuned leol a threftadaeth yr ardal.

Arwyddwch ein deiseb, sy’n galw ar osod y gwifrau yma dan y ddaear, a dangoswch nad ydym yn barod i dderbyn peilonau ar hyd Dyffryn Tywi.


You may be aware of the proposals by Bute Energy to establish a corridor of energy pylons and cables from a wind farm in Mid Wales, going through the Tywi Valley to join the National Grid.

This has caused significant concerns in the local area, as this would have a significant visual impact on the valley, which is renowned for its natural beauty and stunning, picturesque landscape.

Whilst recognising the need for increased renewable energy sources, we believe that transmission of this energy can be achieved by placing these cables underground, which would ensure a new source of green energy and respect the local area’s communities and their heritage.

Sign our petition for the undergrounding of these cables and help us demonstrate the strength of opposition to the proposed pylon route in the Tywi Valley.

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  • Hannah Janes-Maher
    followed this page 2024-02-15 18:40:33 +0000
  • Hannah Janes-Maher
    signed 2024-02-15 18:40:01 +0000
  • Harry Down
    signed via 2024-02-15 13:47:20 +0000
  • Terry Evans
    signed via 2024-02-14 16:16:27 +0000
  • Kimberly Rees
    signed via 2024-02-14 07:19:17 +0000
  • Ffion Marks
    signed 2024-02-13 22:08:09 +0000
  • Matthew Jones
    signed 2024-02-13 20:56:29 +0000
  • Brian Smith
    signed via 2024-02-13 20:40:48 +0000
    Please keep the Welsh countryside beautiful
  • Kay Davies-Spencer
    signed via 2024-02-13 20:19:32 +0000
    Does dim synwyr rhoi y peilonau afiach ma ar tir bobol, an sarnu ein dyffryn prydferth ni.

    Ma dewis arall i gal, rhoi nhw o dan ddaear, synwyr cyffredin bois bach.

    Na ir peilonau afiach ma!
  • Vaughan Johnson
    signed via 2024-02-13 16:28:28 +0000
  • Alun Bowen
    signed via 2024-02-13 16:05:34 +0000
  • Nerys Morris
    signed via 2024-02-13 15:33:53 +0000
  • Jody Williams
    signed via 2024-02-13 15:25:22 +0000
    Metal monstrosities! What an old-fashioned, destructive project this is for our beautiful landscapes.

    In addition there’s a range of worries to include: the impact on health and wellbeing, decline in property value, tourism and of course the impact on wildlife! No No No to Pylons!
  • Jody Williams
    followed this page 2024-02-13 15:24:44 +0000
  • Gabriel Davis
    signed via 2024-02-13 15:24:26 +0000
  • Julie Davis
    signed via 2024-02-13 15:14:10 +0000
  • Elaine Franks
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:56:11 +0000
    The Bute Energy proposal to wreck the Towy & Teifi valleys is fast becoming Treweryn II.

    No further history lesson required.

    For decades I have watched and recorded Ravens, Swans, Herons, Barcud and multitudes of other birds,(many of which are now threatened and on the red data list,) using the air corridor in front of my valley side home.

    Now Bute and other vested interests plan to despoil this environment, so that Wales can be turned into a power station for England (water for Liverpool….electricity for England….hmmm, familiar?) and city residents can benefit from cheap and unlimited power.

    Wales already produces more energy than it consumes

    Producing ‘cheap’ power for England comes at far too high a cost.
  • Sarah Eyles
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:55:28 +0000
    Our communities and beautiful valleys flooded by giant pylons. Just call us Capel Celyn, but this time we have a Welsh government but it is not protecting our interests.
  • Phillipa Woodhams
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:52:22 +0000
  • Peter Evans
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:36:54 +0000
  • Matt Wills
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:35:45 +0000
    A national framework and implementation plan is needed – with the government defining what is allowed and how it should be implemented. That must balance the needs of the communities with the demand for energy to find a good balance. Companies should then be invited to tender for the various components. We do not need the private equity gold rush we are seeing today – where the needs of investors comes before the needs and opinions of the people you represent.
  • Sam Nicholls
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:32:16 +0000
  • Delyth Johnson
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:24:58 +0000
  • William Sheridan
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:24:51 +0000
  • Louise Woodward
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:19:36 +0000
    Pylons should never be considered. They are nothing but rape and criminal damage to the countryside.
  • Marc Richards
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:18:44 +0000
  • Sara Bartl
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:07:13 +0000
  • Sian Crumb
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:05:46 +0000
  • Ruth Jones
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:05:44 +0000
  • Beth Cumber
    signed via 2024-02-13 14:05:00 +0000

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